The Rude and Controversial Karen Pop-Up Restaurant

The Karen Pop Up Restaurant is Coming to Town

The karen pop up restaurant is coming to town. It’s a new restaurant on tour that takes its name from the internet meme of middle-aged entitled white women who get a kick out of asking to speak with the manager.

It promises diners a rude experience at a 1950’s-style diner. Tickets cost $47, which includes a burger, fries and drink.


Normally when you dine at a restaurant, you expect the food to be good and the service to be gracious. But at Karen’s Diner, the restaurant on a world tour that has become a TikTok sensation, you can expect the opposite.

The restaurant, which is based in Australia, is famous for its deliberately unpleasant service, with staff instructed to insult customers throughout their meal. The menu features burgers like the “I Want to See the Manager” burger with two Wagyu patties, bacon, Swiss cheese and BBQ sauce, as well as fries and soda.

The website notes that diners can expect to be body shamed, insulted on their weight or disability, and yelled at by staff members. But there are some rules that everyone must follow, including no racism or homophobia.


Karen’s Diner has a cult following for its intentionally rude service and has even become a TikTok hit. The restaurant has a number of games that aim to humiliate customers, and the staff will insult you for every reason they can think of. The diner is currently hiring for a limited number of positions.

The restaurant encourages diners to release their inner Karen and complain as much as they want. The experience includes a burger, fries and soda. Tickets are $47 and reservations can be made online.

The pop-up will be open for two days at Art Hauz in downtown Las Vegas. It is not recommended for children. Diners will be encouraged to bring their ID and must be at least 16 years old.


During the event, participants will be served a burger, fries and soda and will be subjected to rude service from “Karen” servers. If you are vegan, expect to be scolded and mooed at by the diner staff.

The restaurant is touring around the country and will stop in Columbus this fall, where guests will be scolded by rude “Karen” waitstaff while they enjoy American diner food. Tickets, which cost $47 per person, include a burger (beef, chicken or veggie), fries and soda.

The diner was started in Sydney, Australia and quickly became a TikTok favorite thanks to its intentionally unpleasant service. The pop-up is being run by Hidden, an immersive experience company that organizes other bizarre dining experiences. The tour will also stop in Victoria this spring.


The pop-up has 14 locations in Australia, the UK and the US, offering a unique dining experience focused on banter and top-notch American diner-style food. Guests are encouraged to dish it back, though they can’t make racist, sexist or homophobic jokes.

The experience costs $47 and includes a burger, fries and soda and rude service from staff members slinging “karma.” The diner is only open for a limited time, so it’s best to book your visit ahead of time.

The pop-up will be in Houston for two nights in September before heading to Dallas and Austin. For more information, visit the diner’s website. The restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan burger options for those with special dietary needs.

Rude Staff

There are a few restaurants out there that guarantee rude service to their customers, including Chicago tourist trap Wiener’s Circle and Dick’s Last Resort. One Australian-based diner is taking it to a whole new level, though. The traveling Karen’s Diner offers a dining experience that’s guaranteed to include rude staff and forced games. It’s a fun and twisted take on the popular “Karen” meme, which depicts obnoxious women who act entitled to bad service.

The diner has a handful of rules that both staff and customers have to abide by, including no racism, sexism, or ableist comments. It also doesn’t allow body shaming. Despite this, Newcastle residents have been rushing to book their tickets for the event, with the first session already sold out.

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