MISO & ALE is a celebration of our upbringing on a string of dots in the middle of the Pacific, where flavors of the east collide with those of the west. Beyond providing sustenance, it has always been our mission to praise the generations that have preceded us and the tradesmen that make each meal we prepare possible.

We’re here today, gone tomorrow. With no brick and mortar establishment yet, we’re out slinging and distributing tasty goodness at different locations around the city of Honolulu, whether it is through caterings, street events, or pop-ups. No matter the setting, all we ask of you is to enjoy.


Chef x Owner / @okinawanlinecook

Christopher Okuhara, a self-proclaimed culinary samurai from the Kapahulu prefecture, began his culinary career at the ripe age of 14 working as a dishwasher at his family’s restaurant, Likelike Drive Inn. Not too long after assuming the position of dishwasher, he was told that he wasted too much water in his attempts to rid all the saute pans of oil. Consequently, he was moved to line cook where he found his calling.

In his time spent away from the dish pit and line, Chris obtained his A.S. in Culinary Arts from Kapiolani Community College. His resume includes many well known dining establishments around Honolulu such as the Okuhara house, also known as his house, Hoku’s at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel, and Waialae Country Club. He has also held the position of opening Sous Chef at the YWCA in downtown Honolulu and Sous Chef at Beach House at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki.

Chris’s zodiac sign is Cancer (crab), and is born in the year of the boar (pig). He enjoys surfing, (he’s not that good, but don’t tell him), singing karaoke (anything by Celine Dion), and spending time with his daughter, Jordan, the general manager of MISO & ALE. He can also recite any Linkin Park song in its entirety upon request.


Director of Visual Appeal / @reckonshop

Gavin Murai, was born in the diverse city of Honolulu. Much of his early years revolved around surfing, spending much of his time exploring the reefs around east Oahu. With his love for the surf lifestyle and passion for art, he spent many years employed in the surf industry, working for locally owned and operated Turbo Surf and Billabong, while gaining his Studio Art degree at the University of Hawaii.

Desiring a change of pace, he left the surf industry in his early 20’s to work at The Pineapple Room by Alan Wong. It is there he gained an appreciation for the restaurant industry and the culinary arts, travelling to many destinations around the world to eat and explore, including Japan, Hong Kong, and South America.

Currently, he resides wherever the plane lands, the bus stops, or he lays his head. Much of his work is a visual archive of his upbringing in Hawaii, affinity with the 1950’s, and travels throughout the world.

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